SMU Basketball Banned From Postseason, Head Coach Larry Brown Suspended Nine Games

The NCAA just hit the Southern Methodist University men’s basketball program with some heavy sanctions, including a one-year postseason ban, scholarship reductions, vacation of wins, and a nine-game suspension for head coach Larry Brown. This is all happening because an NCAA investigation revealed that a former… »9/29/15 11:50am9/29/15 11:50am

SMU Player's House Burglarized By Prostitute He Refused To Pay

This happened way back in April, the night of the Mustangs' end-of-season banquet, but the police report is just surfacing now. Three SMU players returned to their off-campus home after the fancy dinner, only to find that someone had stolen $3,000 worth of laptops, televisions and video games. One of the players,… »7/27/12 11:40am7/27/12 11:40am