Angry Tom Brady Nearly Inspired The Patriots To The Biggest Regular Season Comeback Ever: Sunday Night Football, In Three Gifs

San Francisco 41, New England 34: The 49ers and Patriots got together to play a football game tonight and, since the first one they tried sucked, they obligingly scrapped it and started a new one with 10 minutes left in the third quarter. Up to that point, the two teams had combined for three interceptions, eight… »12/17/12 12:36am12/17/12 12:36am

Oh, That's Why They're Making A Reality Show About Packers Fans: Sunday Night Football, In Four GIFs

Packers 27, Lions 20: It was football the way they do it in the movies—snowing, between flagship NFL teams, announced by Al Michaels—but in the movies, the games aren't usually between one team that could use a win (but doesn't need it) and one team that dropped to 4-9 with the loss. You could be forgiven for tuning… »12/09/12 11:45pm12/09/12 11:45pm