Sergi Roberto's Stunning Emergence Proves Barcelona Are Firing On All Cylinders

Of everything that happened in this Clásico—a half-strength Barcelona waltzing into the Bernabéu and not only beating a full-strength Real Madrid team that desperately needed a win, but pummeling them in gloriously humiliating fashion; the notoriously careful Rafa Benítez basically being pressured by his president… »Monday 2:49pm11/23/15 2:49pm


Volkswagen Denies Sales Slump After Dieselgate Confessions, Considers Dropping Soccer Sponsorships

German manufacturer Volkswagen denied a report from newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Saturday concerning a sales slump following its confessions about cheating emissions earlier this month, but the company may still drop its support of several soccer sponsorships to cut costs.
»Sunday 1:15pm11/22/15 1:15pm

The Copa América Centenario Is Going To Be Awesome

South America’s continental championship, the Copa América, has never received the prestige it perhaps deserves. Despite being contested among some of world soccer’s great powers, like Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, it has never risen to the level of consciousness of the World Cup, the Euros, the Olympics, and maybe… »11/19/15 8:48pm11/19/15 8:48pm

Decision Not To Evacuate Stade de France During Paris Attacks May Have Saved Many Lives

On Friday, at around 9:15 p.m. Paris time—15 minutes into the France-Germany friendly—a man attempted to enter the Stade de France at Gate D, on the stadium’s east side. Under his clothes he wore a vest packed with explosives and metal bolts, meant to kill and maim as many people around him as he could. There were… »11/16/15 2:05pm11/16/15 2:05pm

Report: Suicide Bomber Tried To Enter France-Germany Game And Was Turned Away By Security

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, one of the attackers who detonated a suicide bomb outside of the Stade de France during last night’s France-Germany friendly had a ticket to the match and attempted to enter the stadium, when stadium security discovered his bomb vest. From the report: »11/14/15 12:42pm11/14/15 12:42pm

The German National Team Slept In The Stade de France Stadium Last Night After The Paris Attacks [UPDATE]

Last night, the Paris attacks touched the Stade de France during a game between Germany and France. At least two bombs went off right outside the stadium full of 80,000 people, which you could hear on the game’s broadcast. French president Francois Hollande was in attendance and was forced to evacuate, but the others… »11/14/15 11:06am11/14/15 11:06am

The United States Cap-Tied Two Very Good Dual Nationals Last Night

The United States started off their World Cup Qualifying campaign in St. Louis last night with a 6-1 win against Caribbean minnows St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The result was as expected and there’s nothing substantial to be gleaned from how the team played, aside from the fact that they allowed St. Vincent to… »11/14/15 10:29am11/14/15 10:29am

Paris Explosion Heard From Inside Stadium During Soccer Match

There have been multiple reports of explosions and gunshots in Paris, and the death toll from the attacks has reportedly reached 26. Many reports state that one or more of the explosions took place near Stade de France, during the French national team’s friendly against Germany. At the eight-second mark of the video… »11/13/15 5:08pm11/13/15 5:08pm

U.S. Soccer Bans Headers For Players Under 11 To Resolve Concussion Lawsuit

The United States Soccer Federation has taken a major step in an attempt to reduce concussions among youth soccer players, adopting a policy that bans players under 11 from heading the ball and reducing headers in practice for 11 to 13 year olds, the New York Times reports. The new rules—which also include changes to… »11/10/15 12:31am11/10/15 12:31am

Bob Bradley Doesn't Understand Why He Isn't Managing In A Top European League

Bob Bradley is at his wit’s end. He has managed Stabæk, a small Norwegian team from the Oslo suburb of Stabekk, for the past two seasons. He took over in 2014, following the club’s promotion back into the Tippeligaen after one year in the second division. To hear him tell it in an interview with AP’s Rob Harris, the… »11/06/15 4:18pm11/06/15 4:18pm

Ángel Di María Breaks Isco's Ankles, Snatches His Soul

Poor Isco. He was once a starter for Real Madrid and occasionally the Spanish national team, but now faces a long layoff and uncertain recovery after Ángel Di María broke both of his ankles in today’s Champions League match. Even more damaging, Di María claimed his soul, quite the problem for a creative attacking… »11/03/15 7:36pm11/03/15 7:36pm