Chicharito Had A Couple Of Brutal Misses Today

Manchester United hammered Club Brugge 4-0 in Bruges today to advance to the Champions League group stage. Wayne Rooney emphatically ended his goal drought with a hat trick, and United are assured the massive revenue from at least six more Champions League matches. Practically the only Red Devil to have a bad day was… »8/27/15 12:21am8/27/15 12:21am

These Two Petr Čech Saves Are The Best Saves

Arsenal are hosting Liverpool today in the Premier League, and through one half, the Gunners look like complete and utter bullcrap against the visitors. It’s remarkable how many players in Arsenal’s starting XI appear to be betting against their team on the same day. And yet—and yet!— it’s still scoreless at half.… »8/24/15 4:45pm8/24/15 4:45pm

Costa Rica Manager Resigns After Brawling With Security Guard At Match

As expected, Costa Rica national team manager Paulo Wanchope resigned today, one day after he got into a videotaped brawl with a security guard at an Olympic qualifier. According to the Tico Times, Wanchope remorsefully said “We’re all human and sometimes we can lose our senses, and yesterday I lost my senses… »8/12/15 10:24pm8/12/15 10:24pm

Costa Rica Coach Paulo Wanchope Exchanges Blows With Man At U-23 Match

Costa Rica and Panama’s U-23 teams met in Panama City Tuesday night as part of qualifying for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The match ended in a scoreless draw, and the real fireworks came after the final whistle blew. As recorded by Panamanian journalist Jhony Mosquera, that’s Costa Rican head coach Paulo Wanchope… »8/12/15 12:44am8/12/15 12:44am

Dutch Goalie Scores Insane Backheel Stoppage Time Equalizer

One of the most fun little moments in a soccer match is a corner kick or free kick with the game almost over, and the attacking team either tied or down a goal. Their towering goalkeeper comes jogging up the field to join the fray, and the ball is pumped into the middle of literally 20 players where chaos reigns. »8/11/15 8:02pm8/11/15 8:02pm