Men's Halfpipe Final Ends In Disaster Of Gnarly Wrecks

Shaun White was unable to defend his back-to-back gold medals in men's halfpipe today, and in fact the American extreme sport superstar finished out of the medals entirely despite having the top score coming out of the prelims. He wasn't the only snowboarder to falter, though; the piece-of-shit Sochi halfpipe led to a… » 2/11/14 1:46pm 2/11/14 1:46pm

Russian Skater Gets Away With False Start Thanks To Broken Starter…

Ekaterina Lobysheva is a veteran Russian speed skater, but everything about her run during today's 500m prelims in Sochi today was amateur hour—from the broken starter pistol that let her get away with a second, disqualifying false start, to the broken ice that made her wipe out at the end. » 2/11/14 8:56am 2/11/14 8:56am