How To Enjoy Twitter Without Working Yourself Into A Frothing Rage

In general, Twitter is superb. I use it for work, and I love it. As with anything, of course, there are minor aspects that'll make you want to spike your phone/computer into the pavement. But there are incredibly simple actions you can take to minimize the amount of Bad Twitter you have to endure. » 3/23/15 10:30am 3/23/15 10:30am

Even The Chicago Cubs Are Owning Darren Rovell

You would think that after a career full of attempts at being clever on Twitter backfiring, living BrandBot Darren Rovell would give up the bantering aspect of the platform and stick to reporting on whichever 8,000 calorie food abomination is being introduced in a minor league ballpark near you. But Rovell is… » 3/18/15 8:18pm 3/18/15 8:18pm

The Dress and #Ferguson Are the Two Sides of Social Media Explosions

To understand the mass hysteria around The Dress last week, you can't compare it to other memes. You have to compare it to political events like #Ferguson, which are its diametrical opposite. Except in one way. » 3/02/15 1:55pm 3/02/15 1:55pm

How To Talk To Girls On Twitter Without Coming Off Like A Creepy Rando

So, here you are, my friend, following a lot of brilliant women on Twitter (I hope). It's so fun, and the best part of Twitter is connecting with people, so you want to reply to some of her great tweets with your own great opinions and jokes! Cool, cool, but here are some things to keep in mind. » 2/17/15 11:50am 2/17/15 11:50am

Myles Brown has a fascinating interview with porn star Lisa Ann on what it's like to hook up with athletes, what they want out of relationships, and how it all works in the social media age. Check it out. [GQ] » 2/14/15 1:54pm 2/14/15 1:54pm

Is Competitiveness Poor Sportsmanship?

Thanks to social media, sportsmanship has taken on proportions well beyond the usual no-cutting-the-course, no-tripping no-brainers. Recently, the brand of sportsmanship that's garnered attention—and been called "inspiring"—includes stopping mid-race to help a fallen competitor, at the cost of personal achievement.… » 12/05/14 7:00pm 12/05/14 7:00pm

Bad Americans Can't Stop Weeping Over This Messed-Up Convenience Store

People kept posting this Vine in the comments on posts about the grand jury's decision not to charge Darren Wilson in shooting of Michael Brown, because it seemed to them, on a horrible night in America, that it makes a sad and important point. And it does. » 11/25/14 9:05am 11/25/14 9:05am

Maybe You Shouldn't Thank This Specific Follower, Patriots?

To celebrate the utterly useless "accomplishment" of being the first NFL team with one million Twitter followers, the Patriots are creating custom avatar jerseys for anybody who retweets this tweet. » 11/13/14 9:42pm 11/13/14 9:42pm

A Hurricane Is Coming

How do you know when to trust someone when they say "a hurricane is coming?" Should you only trust the NWS? Television weatherpeople? Your favorite Gawker weather blogger? All too often, people don't care where they get their weather information, and that's a huge problem. » 8/20/14 8:00am 8/20/14 8:00am

The Premier League Is Banning Goals Being Posted to Vine and Twitter

If there's one thing better than a wonderful goal in soccer, it's reliving it over, and over, and over, and over. Preferably in slow-mo. Ideally as a looped GIF. And almost certainly sourced from social media. But sadly, the UK's Premier League is stamping out all such behavior. » 8/15/14 6:40am 8/15/14 6:40am

Boris Becker Has A Custom Boris Becker Phone Cover

This is an image from Wimbledon today of Novak Djokovic's coach, Boris Becker, snapping a photo with an iPhone encased in what appears to be a cute picture of Boris Becker and his family. It's basically the photographic equivalent of the following sentence, which appeared in a press release not long ago: "Becker… » 6/23/14 4:47pm 6/23/14 4:47pm

Facebook Is Dead

I don't use Facebook much anymore, because anyone with a brain knows that Facebook is terrible. Apart from the long-standing complaints about privacy and insufferable people posting pictures of their own feet from a fucking beach, it's really only useful as a one-time thing. You make your account. You look up old… » 4/30/14 3:33pm 4/30/14 3:33pm

The Iron Sheik's Wrestling Rise, Drug-Fueled Fall and Twitter Rebirth

He hates Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Sprite, Tony Romo, the Ultimate Warrior, North Korea and Mondays and considers Oprah Winfrey, Peyton Manning, Sarah Silverman and Garth Brooks the "Real Bubba." After years of wrestling foes and demons, the Iron Sheik is off the mat and feistier than ever. » 3/10/14 12:00pm 3/10/14 12:00pm

The Deadspin Twitter -100*: The 73 Worst Accounts In Sports

Last week, published its third annual Twitter 100, a list of the Twitter feeds that Sports Illustrated staffers purportedly consider "essential to your daily routine for finding news, information and entertainment from the sports world." » 10/04/13 1:20pm 10/04/13 1:20pm

Sports Twitter In Vancouver Is Cutthroat

The Vancouver Canucks Twitter account was just doing its usual Wednesday fan-interaction/brand-optimization-through-social-media thing earlier today when the Whitecaps (MLS) account came over and took a big piss all over the place. » 8/21/13 10:52pm 8/21/13 10:52pm

#FreeJahar: When Conspiracy Theorists and One Direction Fans Collide

Up until last week, "One Direction Infection," a Tumblr blog created and maintained by an eighth grader we'll call Claire, looked like any other 14-year-old's Tumblr: a bright pink background, a default font that resembles cute handwriting, an embedded MP3 player playing Daddy Yankee and Jesse McCartney, and scores of… » 4/25/13 3:21pm 4/25/13 3:21pm

Twitter Loves The Orlando Magic, Has Never Heard Of The Arizona…

The Wall Street Journal has helpfully assembled the sort of slow-news-month story that lets you forget that none of the four major sports (five, if you include college football) is playing many meaningful games at the moment. In it, the incomparably named Stu Woo compiled the Twitter follower counts for every team in… » 3/02/13 1:30pm 3/02/13 1:30pm

"Dese Coaches Run A Train On Arkansas State": A Player Ponders Gus…

We're almost reluctant to out a certain Don Jones II as a master of Twitter, because we all know that s̶t̶u̶d̶e̶n̶t̶s̶ athletes who exhibit true voice on social media scare the thin liquid shits out of university athletics officials. But what the hell. » 12/08/12 2:42pm 12/08/12 2:42pm