Real Estate Broker By Day Is Jerkoff Softball Coach By Night

As summer comes on, co-ed rec leagues across the country are forced to deal with power-hungry coaches who've memorized the inspirational speeches from Miracle and Any Given Sunday. Today's coach has a novel form of encouragement: enforcing a fine for any outs made. Our forwarder notes that this is "an extremely casual… »5/26/11 3:33pm5/26/11 3:33pm

Retiring Beer League Softball Commish Would Like To Thank Himself For All His Hard Work And Dedication

Lucky for us and our readers, half of all intramural sports participants join up just to get in touch with their inner asshole. I suspect that most of these individuals are tolerable for most of the day, but once they throw on a T-shirt with a number on the back something changes inside them. Like this softball coach,… »5/03/11 5:15pm5/03/11 5:15pm