What Was Up With ABC's Soundtrack For The Michigan-Ohio State Game?

Ohio State completed its undefeated, ineligible season by defeating Michigan 26-21 in college football's best rivalry game today, but viewers seemed consumed as much by ABC/ESPN's choice in bump music as they were the action happening on the field. We're not sure what prompted the eclectic mix, but here's the full… »11/24/12 4:30pm11/24/12 4:30pm


Somebody Found It Worthwhile To Set A Pee-Wee Lacrosse Brawl To Music

There's scant detail available about what happened here with the Allegany Arrows Minor Lacrosse team and their foes identified as "Tonowanta" per YouTube commenter Jimersonclayton's comment indicating, "Yeahh the tonowanda bench didnt clear cuz they were pussys and ran back and i was rockin one of ur guys punk ass." »6/03/11 12:00am6/03/11 12:00am