Bayou Classic Halftime Show Features Marriage Proposal In Formation

Southern Wins By 104 Points. How Did This Basketball Sham Even Happen?

Southern University defeated Champion Baptist College last night in Baton Rouge by the pedestrian score of 116-12. It could have been worse; the Jaguars led the Tigers 44-0 until CBC made a free throw with 5:10 remaining in the first half. The entire thing was a farce, but according to the NCAA it's an official game;… » 12/31/13 9:15am 12/31/13 9:15am

NCAA First Day Roundup: Give Us Some Upsets

News And Notes From An Excellent First Day Of NCAA B-B-B-B-B-Basketball ...
• The main reason everyone was so befuddled by Billy Packer's demented rant on the NCAA Selection Show last Sunday was because he was railing against exactly what fans like the most about the tournament; small-school teams knocking off… » 3/17/06 9:15am 3/17/06 9:15am

Southern Jaguars

1. Desegregation Was The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To SWAC Basketball. The only losers in the great push to desegregate SEC basketball in the wake of the 1966 title game (won by the all-black Texas Western team against Adolph Rupp's all-white Kentucky team) were the Historically Black Colleges, where talented… » 3/10/06 12:00am 3/10/06 12:00am