Jersey-Eating Southern Miss Helmet Attaches To Arkansas Running Back

When Arkansas running back Alex Collins was tackled after a seven-yard run, he tried getting up and discovered a whole lot of unexpected weight to pull up. That's because Ed Wilkins's helmet somehow latched on to his jersey and would not let go, connecting both players in a weird two-person horse costume sans horse… »9/14/13 2:45pm9/14/13 2:45pm


Who Killed Nugget II? Solving The Death Of Southern Miss's Mascot

The 1992 death of Nugget II, the University of Southern Mississippi's Golden Eagle, is cloaked in mystery. A federal investigation and autopsy revealed two possible causes of death: The eagle's body contained lead shotgun pellets, and it suffered from malnutrition. But no blame was ever assigned, and the case went… »8/08/13 4:08pm8/08/13 4:08pm