Have Spelling Bee "Winning Words" Always Been So Obscure?

Arvind Mahankali won the 2013 National Spelling Bee on "knaidel," a type of dumpling. The winning word the year prior was "guetapens," before that "cymotrichous," and before that "stromuhr." Have bee-winning words always been this insane, or is this a recent development? » 5/29/14 11:49am 5/29/14 11:49am

Pick Your Favorite Kid: The Scripps Spelling Bee Hunger Games

Tonight, at 8 p.m., 11 children selected by lottery from the 50 districts of the post-apocalyptic nation of The United States of America will battle to the death on live television, in a competition that combines the erotic violence of vampires making love in a pool of blood with the danger and unpredictability of… » 5/30/13 8:48pm 5/30/13 8:48pm

Samantha Steele Mixes Up Her Indian-American Spelling Bee Contestants

After a National Spelling Bee filled with children holding back tears in front of a national audience, the academic equivalent of pageant moms, and every appearance from the wonderfully weird home-schooled girl from Philly, it took ESPN's poor sideline reporter to give us the most cringeworthy moment of the night.… » 6/01/12 10:15am 6/01/12 10:15am

Your Scripps National Spelling Bee Live Blog

You know what the national spelling needs to make it even more compelling? INJURIES. No one ever gets physically injured during a spelling bee. Oh sure, there's extensive PSYCHOLOGICAL damage that occurs when children get eliminated and their dads won't even give them a hug when they get escorted back to their chair.… » 5/31/12 7:55pm 5/31/12 7:55pm

The 6-Year-Old Who Qualified For The National Spelling Bee Might Be An…

At the tender age of six, Lori Anne Madison just became the youngest person ever to qualify for the Scripps National Nerd Olympics, otherwise known as the Spelling Bee. But despite the media attention and mounting pressure, Lori Anne says she's not nervous at all. "I've been in competitions with older kids before."… » 5/29/12 5:10pm 5/29/12 5:10pm