Here's How Men Make 200 Million Sperm Every Day

Human testes are masters of mass production, spitting out sperm at a rate of 200 million per day. But that doesn’t mean the process is fast–it takes 64 days to make a sperm. The organ keeps the count high with an assembly-line anatomy that scales up sperm development from a trickle to a flood. » 6/24/15 6:58pm 6/24/15 6:58pm

A Complete Breakdown of the Nutritional Content of Semen

To swallow or not to swallow: that is the question. You can only really answer it for yourself, but we aim to help you make that decision an informed one. Here, we list every property found in an average splooge—protein, carbs, fat, cholesterol, etc.—and analyze what it means for you to ingest it in terms of… » 8/07/13 1:31pm 8/07/13 1:31pm

It Should Also Help With Crowd Impulse Control

Apparently, they've been running low on sperm in England, not just in general, but at the sperm banks. So, to make sure that any perspective sperm recipients receive the goods from the most intelligent, calm, rational donors possible, sperm banks are considering setting up shop right outside Premiership soccer matches. » 11/10/06 3:45pm 11/10/06 3:45pm