Toni Kukoc And Derek Fisher Have Giant Penises, John Salley Says

Courtesy of John Salley, we're told that the NBA's most famous Croatian export is super-hung for a white boy and that Fisher is "six feet tall with a seven foot dick." Gentlemen, welcome to the geoduck club. [SpiderandtheHenchman] » 3/26/10 4:35pm 3/26/10 4:35pm

A New, Moderately Offensive Podcast Is Open For Business

Please go take a listen to the Spider And The Henchman show on Adam Carolla's podcast network. I'm honored I was picked to be their first guest. Topics of note: Tiger, Magic's HIV, and Eddie Murphy's tranny parties. Gurgle. [SpiderAndTheHenchman] » 12/18/09 3:25pm 12/18/09 3:25pm