CBS Sportsline's "Spin" 45 Percent Less Dope

We are very sad to report that CBS Sportsline's Spin page — which is like ESPN's Page 2 if Page 2 were visited by Poochie from "The Itchy And Scratchy Show" — has is no longer referring to fantasy football columnist Eric Mack as "Emack." The front page of the site is using his real name now, tragically. » 10/24/05 1:15pm 10/24/05 1:15pm

Yo, CBS Sportsline Is Rad, Dude!

We know we make fun of ESPN's Page 2 a lot, and if you've ever tried to make it through five sentences of "24 College Avenue," you'll understand why. But when we thought that's Scorecard Daily was the worst Page 2 ripoff that could exist, we were way, way wrong. » 10/06/05 3:32pm 10/06/05 3:32pm