Weeklong Ochocinco/MLS Publicity Stunt Culminates In Predictable Publicity Stunt

We honestly love Chad Ochocinco without reserve. He's like if a little kid wished to the Big fortune teller machine to be a pro athlete, and got it. His actions seem genuine, so we weren't as turned off as a lot of people by his experiment with Sporting KC, to see if he still had his soccer skills from high school. »3/29/11 4:00pm3/29/11 4:00pm

Ochocinco Invited To Try Out For MLS Team In Savvy MLS Publicity Gambit

Sporting Kansas City received more single-day publicity today than it has in possibly eternity by inviting publicity provocateur and soccer hobbyist Chad Ochocinco to audition for the team. Does Ochocinco have a realistic shot at making the team? Psssh. Will he be faster than Omar Bravo, the gifted Mexican striker… »3/16/11 3:50pm3/16/11 3:50pm