MLS Farm Team Coach Charged With Murder Of Off-Duty Cop In England

Christopher Spendlove, an assistant coach for USL Pro's Oklahoma City Energy FC, and a friend of his have been charged with killing an off-duty police officer in their native England. The two former American collegiate athletes are also charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm on two other officers in the alleged… »12/23/14 5:11pm12/23/14 5:11pm

Sporting KC Wins U.S. Open Cup In Shootout Described As "More Dramatic Than Tyler Perry Or Shakespeare"

That GolTV still exists is a miracle in itself; the soccer cable net recently lost its cash cow Spanish Liga contract to Al-Jazeera's new beIN Sports channel. It also lost popular analyst Ray Hudson, he of the orgasmic goal calls, which means GolTV's George D. Metellus served in the color commentary role for last… »8/09/12 10:45am8/09/12 10:45am

MLS Defender's First Career Score Was This Miraculous, Game-Tying Goal In Injury Time

If anyone ever openly doubts the idea that it's better to be lucky than good, show them this video of Sporting KC defender Kyle Miller, who used his head in a most fortuitous manner Wednesday night, scoring the injury-time equalizer in a friendly against Stoke City of the Premier League. Even better, the goal was … »8/02/12 9:45am8/02/12 9:45am