Here's the Physics Behind the 'Broomgate' Controversy Rocking the Sport of Curling

Football has been rocked by the “Deflategate” scandal, swimming banned full-body “super suits,” and now the sport of curling—yes, curling—has its own raging controversy. Dubbed “Broomgate,” much of the fuss centers on a new kind of curling broom called the icePad, manufactured by Hardline Curling.

Jack Montague Files Lawsuit Against Yale Over Expulsion for Alleged Sexual Assault 

As threatened earlier this year, Jack Montague—Yale’s former basketball captain, who was expelled on sexual misconduct allegations in March—has filed a civil lawsuit against Yale, claiming that the school, intent on “restoring its tarnished image” of being “soft on male sexual assailants,” manipulated the complainant…


The Bahraini Prince Trying To Save Cycling Is A Credibly-Accused Torturer

The tiny island kingdom of Bahrain is something like a smaller Qatar: extremely rich, friendly with the United States, and run by a single family. While Qatar (allegedly) purchased the World Cup—bringing with it thousands of dead slaves—Bahrain, being smaller, appears to have set its sporting ambitions a notch lower.…