Curt Schilling Takes His Blog Diva-ness to WEEI

Here's an interesting bit of news sent a long through tips. Red Sox pitcher and 38 Pitches blogger, Curt Schilling, will take his candid Red Sox observations and weird right-wing ranting over to WEEI. As you know, WEEI is scooping up popular bloggers left and right, most recently signing up Will Leitch to do a "… » 11/28/08 1:51pm 11/28/08 1:51pm

Of Superbikes And Food Metaphors: FJM's Greatest Hits

A sports blog's success is usually measured by page views or unique visitors — these odd, mysterious numbers that merely serve as advertiser bait, but are woefully inaccurate in revealing overall quality. The true measure of a successful sports blog, like most other creative endeavors done for the right reasons, is… » 11/17/08 1:45pm 11/17/08 1:45pm