Tennis Players Bill Simmons Would Do: Another Classic From The Secret Sports Guy Vault

It's a curious quirk of the internet that almost nothing survives of Bill Simmons's pre-ESPN work. After seeing last week's newly unearthed column from Simmons's AOL Digital City days, a reader sent along another Boston Sports Guy entry rescued from the dustbin of history. If you've got any old Simmons columns lying… »1/23/12 11:15am

Read Bill Simmons Before He Was The Sports Guy, From The Boston Phoenix Vault

The internet's not written in pencil, it's written in ink, or something. If you've spent your entire writing life online, it's likely that some Googlebot has crawled your pages, archiving every word you've ever written. But older writers who were young hacks shouldn't have to worry: their words were printed, not… »12/15/11 3:00pm

Deadspin Classic: Bill Simmons Is Not The Cosmos (The Book Of Basketball Reviewed)

The paperback edition of Bill Simmons's Book of Basketball is now in stores, and reader Patrick Sauer points out one notable tweak to this version: Charles P. Pierce's name no longer appears anywhere in the text. You don't suppose it has anything to do with Pierce's review of the book, do you? »12/13/10 2:40pm