A Lawsuit Threatens The Future Of The Court Of Arbitration For Sport

German Claudia Pechstein is the most successful speed skater ever. She won a medal in five consecutive Olympics from 1992 to 2006—nine medals overall, five of them gold—and might've made it six straight had she not been banned by the International Skating Union (ISU) for two years in 2009, for blood doping.… » 2/18/15 11:14pm 2/18/15 11:14pm

How American Express Will Save DraftKings

We can all keep burying our heads in the sand and pretend that daily fantasy sports "wagering" is not actually sports betting. We can keep pretending that the ability to choose a winning make-believe roster is somehow more skillful than hitting a multi-team parlay and thus totally not gambling. » 2/16/15 7:12pm 2/16/15 7:12pm

The NBA Constitution Is Not A Suicide Pact

My father had a theory. Like most of his theories, he freely admitted that he had probably heard or read it somewhere else. At any rate, the theory involved the scrubs who sat at the end of NBA benches and how a subtle and acceptable racism dictated that those guys who would never see the court anyway would be… » 5/02/14 10:59am 5/02/14 10:59am

How (And Why) To Defend A-Rod: A Live Chat With Sports Law Experts

Any day/hour/minute now we'll find out just how long Alex Rodriguez and his smaller-antlered ilk will be on Bud Selig's wall. While we wait, we've assembled a group of sports law experts to mount a defense of A-Rod, explain the potential outcomes based on the various modes of punishment available, and answer any… » 8/02/13 2:30pm 8/02/13 2:30pm

How Penn State Could Have Fought The NCAA And Won

The NCAA dropped those "unprecedented" punishments on Penn State on Monday, and they're mighty. There's the usual—scholarship cuts, probation, bowl bans, vacated wins, a fine—but amplified to heretofore unseen levels. » 7/26/12 3:50pm 7/26/12 3:50pm