Sports On Earth is not shutting down, contrary to one online report.

Sports On Earth is not shutting down, contrary to one online report. But with Gannett spinning off its publishing arm, very big changes are most certainly coming. [Update: It's not shutting down, in the sense that the site is keeping the name and a few staffers. But, yeah, things are going to be different.] »8/05/14 10:05am8/05/14 10:05am

The Toronto Blue Jays Are Out Of The AL East Basement, Barely

The Blue Jays were so far south of their preseason projections that even after a 10-game winning streak they're still the most disappointing team in baseball this season. But! After a wild 11-day charge, they've gone from 12 games back in the AL East to 6.5 back. They're now above .500 for the first time since last… »6/22/13 9:39pm6/22/13 9:39pm

Gary Sheffield Is Now An Agent, And He Wants You To Know That He Still Doesn't Like Scott Boras

If you follow the insane micromovements of the baseball hot stove season, you probably, over the past year or two, had a reaction like the one Hardball Talk had in February. "Apparently, Gary Sheffield is an agent," the headline read. Sheffield had just negotiated a minor-league deal for journeyman knuckleballer Josh… »10/23/12 9:55am10/23/12 9:55am

Even Sports Illustrated Doesn't Want Anything To Do With Joe Posnanski's Paterno Biography

The first review of Joe Posnanksi's Joe Paterno biography is in and it isn't good: Offered first serial rights to a book written by a former Sports Illustrated senior writer, the magazine said no. Assistant managing editor Chris Hunt confirmed to Deadspin that SI passed on running an excerpt. Posnanski, who left SI »7/17/12 12:30pm7/17/12 12:30pm