Doofus Caller Shows Up On Jim Rome's Set, Gets Run From Show In Person

The Jim Rome Show is still trudging along, a shadow of its former self ever since Rome’s choice to sign with CBS Sports Radio. CBS Sports Network is simulcasting Rome’s annual week at the Super Bowl’s Radio Row, and here’s some doofus Clone showing up and “singing” something incomprehensible, then talking about…


Sports Radio Host Loses His Mind When Nobody Can Answer His Dumb Trivia Question

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo was once the broadcast partner of Mike Francesa, our other favorite sports radio goober, but now he’s just a dude who yells a lot on his own radio show. “Yelling” can mean different things depending on who is doing it, and in Russo’s case it means, “Man who is clearly at the end of his rope.”

Radio Dummy On Female NFL Coach: "There's No Place For A Woman In Professional Sports, In Football, Coaching Men"

Cleveland sports radio host Kevin Kiley clearly has a problem with women. Last year, he shared some extremely dumb thoughts about the NFL’s first female referee, saying that the NFL was the “wrong place to put a woman.” He has very similar thoughts on the Bills’ decision to hire Kathryn Smith as a full-time quality…