Here, Have This Blake Griffin Subway Coupon That Expires Feb. 29

Fox Sports West, which broadcasts Clippers games, has a promotion deal with Subway. Any time Blake Griffin goes for a double-double, you can print out a coupon to get double the meat on your sandwiches the next day. Griffin sprung for 18 and 14 against Indiana last night, so it's Subway time. As thanks for reading… »3/01/13 5:45pm3/01/13 5:45pm


An Exclusive Interview With The Lady Who Owns The "@Pelicans" Twitter Handle

When news leaked out that the New Orleans Hornets would be changing their name to the Pelicans, each person online seemed to have an opinion. We at Deadspin endorsed it. Yahoo Answers did not. But everyone trying to think through the symbolism of the team's new name missed a more essential concern: What would the team… »2/01/13 3:35pm2/01/13 3:35pm

Chicagoan "Nordic Thunder" Is Your Air Guitar World Champion

Finally, the Air Guitar World Championship has been returned to the US of A. Not since Craig "Hot Lixx Hulahan" Billmeier took the Golden Axe in 2008 has an American proudly stood above the world's best. Not until Justin Howard, better known to mortals as Nordic Thunder, took the prize this week at the competition… »8/31/12 11:55am8/31/12 11:55am

Boy Kicked Out Of National Scrabble Championship After Getting Caught With The Worst Cheating Strategy Ever

Division 3 isn't exactly the big time in the Scrabble world—It's roughly the skill level of "any great living-room player out there," says the National Scrabble Association's executive director—but this is still the championship. Not a county championship, not a state championship, but the national freaking… »8/15/12 11:05am8/15/12 11:05am