Is Competitiveness Poor Sportsmanship?

Thanks to social media, sportsmanship has taken on proportions well beyond the usual no-cutting-the-course, no-tripping no-brainers. Recently, the brand of sportsmanship that's garnered attention—and been called "inspiring"—includes stopping mid-race to help a fallen competitor, at the cost of personal achievement.… »12/05/14 8:34pm12/05/14 8:34pm

Canadian Coach Comes To Rescue Of Russian With Broken Ski

A nice display of sportsmanship in today's cross-country skiing men's sprint semifinal, after Russian Anton Gafarov crashed early in the race and broke one ski. He awkwardly soldiered on, falling repeatedly, and it appeared as if he wouldn't be able to make it to the finish line in front of the home fans. Canada to… »2/11/14 11:04am2/11/14 11:04am

Goalkeeper Collapses On Pitch From Heat Exhaustion, Terrible Human Being Scores On Him

This took place on Sunday, during a match in Peru’s top level. Club Union Comercio was down a goal with 20 minutes remaining when goalie Juan Flores corralled a ball before collapsing to the grass. It was heat exhaustion and Flores was fine, but we’ve seen far too many players go down like that with heart problems.… »2/19/13 2:30pm2/19/13 2:30pm

Shakhtar Donetsk Is Not Ukrainian For "Good Sportsmanship," Takes Advantage Of Injured Player To Score Equalizer

In a stunt that has soccer traditionalists around the globe shaking their heads, today's UEFA Champions League match between Nordsjælland and Shakhtar Donetsk is bathed in controversy as Shakhtar's Willian took advantage of a drop-ball to fire a long-range pass to Luiz Adriano who raced past a baffled Nordsjælland… »11/20/12 3:57pm11/20/12 3:57pm

Return Of The Tack: 27 Counts Of Assault Filed Against High School Football Player

"A judge in Ohio says 27 counts of assault have been filed against a high school football player accused of pricking players from an opposing team with a sharp object during a postgame player handshake... [his] high school team had just won a game in September when the 16-year-old player stuck McClain High School… »10/28/11 3:20pm10/28/11 3:20pm

This Is A Story About An Ohio High-School Football Game Resulting In Stigmata

"In one of the most disturbing acts by an individual high school athlete in recent times, an Ohio football player placed a sharp object — believed to be a tack — in his glove before walking through a postgame handshake line, pricking the hands of 27 opponents as he walked through and "congratulated" them on a game… »10/06/11 10:30pm10/06/11 10:30pm