It Was A Great Year For Sportswriting; Here's Some Of The Best Of It

Every so often, some crank will write something suggesting that sportswriting is in decline. The argument goes that due to ease of publishing, a general lowering of standards, the reading public's divided attentions, and millennial narcissism and careerism, an entire art has been lost, subordinated to witless jostling… » 12/27/13 1:33pm 12/27/13 1:33pm

"The Faint Tinkle Of Broken Dreams": Roger Ebert, Teenage Sportswriter

When Roger Ebert died last week, sportswriters were among the many to pay tribute. The beloved movie critic's words, Will Leitch wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times, "felt like LIFE." As it turns out, Ebert’s writing life started in sports. In the late 1950s, the News-Gazette, Ebert’s hometown paper in Champaign, Ill., gave… » 4/12/13 11:15am 4/12/13 11:15am

Ryan Glasspiegel runs through sportswriting's reaction to the sad death of the Boston Phoenix, where Charles P. Pierce and Bill Simmons both got their careers started (and where the infamous George Kimball served as a writer and editor for many years). The Phoenix folded yesterday after a 46-year run. » 3/15/13 4:15pm 3/15/13 4:15pm