How Anthony Davis Gives The Pelicans Open Looks They Don't Deserve

Good ball movement generates open shots. This is Basketball 101, so fundamental to the game's primary education it may as well come down on stone tablets to every young player. It's proven: perhaps to the relief of youth coaches around the country, SportVU player-tracking shows that ball movement in the NBA does… »3/13/15 2:27pm3/13/15 2:27pm


In College Basketball, The Rich Are Just Getting Richer—And Smarter

Hey, SportVU motion-tracking cameras are coming to college basketball. In fact, they're already there, the New York Times explains, in arenas at Duke, Louisville, and Marquette this season. This is good news for any number of nerdy, obsessive reasons, and laughable news because, once the technology really matures, it… »3/26/14 11:17am3/26/14 11:17am

This New NBA Stat Is A Huge Step Forward For Basketball Analysis

This morning on Grantland, Kirk Goldsberry introduced the stat Expected Possession Value Added (EPVA), which he developed with some colleagues as part of a Sloan Conference paper. EPVA still needs some work, but it may represent an enormous development in NBA analysis. Here's why. »2/06/14 2:18pm2/06/14 2:18pm