This One Guy Has Written Hundreds Of Awful Songs About Sports

Every time you stream a song on Spotify, the artist you're listening to gets some money. A very tiny amount of money. The exact amount varies, but according to a website set up by Spotify—as reported by The Guardian— it's between $0.006 and $0.0084 a stream. And that's just the money that goes to the music… »11/15/14 4:12pm11/15/14 4:12pm

Spotify's Playlist Generator Doesn't Know Me At All

Sometimes I think it would be cool for my computer to know me better—not quite Her level, but just a bit more intuitive, you know? "Hey, dude, looking great; I bet you'd like a pizza." That kind of thing. But I know we're still a ways off from that, because the other day, when I opened up Spotify, it suggested a… »9/15/14 12:15pm9/15/14 12:15pm