Watch All These Tottenham Players Choke The Game Away To Liverpool

Today's most notable Premier League matchup was between Tottenham Hotspur, currently third in the table with just two points over Chelsea, and eighth-place Liverpool FC. This game was vital. A week after beating bitter rivals Arsenal, Spurs are trying to get some separation from Chelsea, while a surging Liverpool… »3/10/13 4:18pm3/10/13 4:18pm

Front Row At The Spurs Game Is Awesome Until Ron Artest Spills Coffee In Your Face

This Spurs fan, identified only as "Bob," sure picked the wrong Spurs game to sit court-side for free in a white Oxford! Bob, to his credit, was very understanding about the coffee-in-face situation, even when Lisa Salters attempted to one-up him with yet another harrowing tale of gravity in the sideline interview. »3/07/11 12:25pm3/07/11 12:25pm