Eric Mangini Still Regrets His Involvement In That Whole Spygate…

This morning, Ravens coach John Harbaugh went on a Baltimore radio station to say that the Patriots' championships have "asterisks" and that those titles have been "stained" because of Spygate. It didn't take long for Harbaugh to issue a statement clarifying his remarks to say he was referring to "the perception out there"… » 5/01/12 7:45pm 5/01/12 7:45pm

The NFL Will Happily Pretend A Bounty Is The Worst Scandal Ever

Today, Gregg Williams has his heart weighed by Anubis. Williams is in New York to meet with Roger Goodell in the NFL's impenetrable Park Avenue fortress, but Goodell isn't alone. He's accompanied by Jeff Miller and Joe Hummel, the heads of the NFL's investigative and security teams, and I don't know what those… » 3/05/12 3:15pm 3/05/12 3:15pm

How A Comedian Helped Birth The "F-You" Patriots

Back in September 2007, the Patriots were caught taping the Jets' defensive signals on the sideline. This was week one, after the Patriots beat the Jets, 38-14. The next 15 games—all of which the Patriots won—were blowouts a lot like that, but with a venomous edge. In his new book, War Room, which hits stores tomorrow, … » 11/07/11 4:10pm 11/07/11 4:10pm

Who's Sorry Now? Patriots Spygate Edition

So who does one believe in this Matt Walsh vs. Bill Belichick videotaping-the-Rams-Super-Bowl-walkthrough controversy? Is Walsh, as Belichick would have us believe, a rogue agent, out there operating without any decent restraint, totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct? Or is Belichick involved in a… » 2/18/08 3:10pm 2/18/08 3:10pm