James Dolan Spent Friday Night Spying On Carmelo Anthony

According to the Star-Ledger, New York Knicks owner and talentless, flubby musician James Dolan has no qualms about creepily spying on his players during games. During Friday night's Bulls-Knicks game, Dolan ordered two MSG Network employees to keep tabs on Knicks star Carmelo Anthony. » 1/14/13 11:40am 1/14/13 11:40am

The One Where Some Snoopy Neighbor Tries To Sell Us Stories About John…

Welcome back to Deleted Scenes. This space is now reserved for those scuzz-money entrepreneurs who've unsuccessfully tried to sell us prurient information. This is also where we'll run notable emails we've received from some of our readers. All emails are [sic]'d. Enjoy. » 7/28/11 1:50pm 7/28/11 1:50pm