How To Roast Butternut Squash, Which Is Phallic And Fantastic

There's the versatility of, say, a boneless, skinless chicken breast—it tastes bland and uninteresting pretty much no matter what you do with it, so it "goes" with everything, like gustatory khaki—and then there's the versatility of the butternut squash, which is so outrageously goddamn good that you could wrap it in… »1/03/15 1:50pm1/03/15 1:50pm


The Squash Tournament Of Champions Is Underway, And That's Why You're Late For Your Train

Grand Central Terminal in New York City is once again consumed with sports spectators as we approach the final day of the J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions, a competition to determine the world's best squash player. The glass cage in Vanderbilt Hall has become an annual pilgrimage site for avid followers of the… »1/24/13 9:00am1/24/13 9:00am

Trinity's Obnoxious 13-Year Squash Winning Streak Is Finally Over, Thanks To Obnoxious Yalies

The longest and most annoying win streak in the history of college sports is finally over. The Yale men's squash team defeated Trinity College 5-4 last night, ending the team's 13-year, 252-match undefeated streak that will be remembered for reminding us, approximately once a year, that squash is a sport that people… »1/19/12 11:55am1/19/12 11:55am

When The World-Record Holder For The Hardest-Hit Squash Ball Drills You In The Back, It Will Leave A Hole (Video)

Cameron Pilley is a native of Australia who is currently the 16th-ranked squash player in the world. Last week, he set a world record for hitting a squash ball, variously reported at 173 or 175 miles per hour, depending on whether you believe this or what Pilley had to say in the video (not that it makes much… »10/12/11 11:40am10/12/11 11:40am