Bhutan Wins Again! A Match Report From A Deadspin Reader In Bhutan

Bhutan pulled it off! The tiny landlocked Himalayan nation advanced to the second round of World Cup qualifying—where they could be placed into a pool with Asian heavyweights like Iran, Japan, or South Korea—by knocking off Sri Lanka 2-1 yesterday, winning the two-legged tie 3-1 on aggregate. The next time FIFA… »3/18/15 10:34pm3/18/15 10:34pm


Scenes In Colombo As Bhutan Wins In First Ever World Cup Qualifier

The soccer team representing the tiny nation of Bhutan (estimated population: 733,643) traveled to Sri Lanka Thursday for their first ever World Cup qualifier. Now, Sri Lanka isn't a very good soccer nation, but compared to Bhutan they might as well be Brazil. Bhutan is the lowest ranked team in the world—just… »3/13/15 1:32am3/13/15 1:32am

Sri Lanka's Cricket World Cup Song Banned For Promoting Whale Mutilation

Did you know? The World Cup for cricket, the second most popular sport in the world, is underway in India. The 43-day tournament runs through April 2. Did you also know? The festive song above is what it sounds like to say "let's feed the Australian kangaroos cheap bird grain" in Sinhala, the Sri Lankan language.… »2/23/11 2:50pm2/23/11 2:50pm