Drunk Meals 101: What To Cook When You're Totally Obliterated

Before plying myself with gross quantities of beer or liquor (or both), I like to ensure I’ve lined my belly with sufficient quantities of foodstuff. I’m not sure if it’s true—I got a D- in high school biology, and therefore lack even the most fundamental understanding of metabolic function—but if life experience… »8/05/15 4:47pm8/05/15 4:47pm


Rejoice! Sriracha Triumphs Over Mucous Membranes Of Californians

Condiment news! After some spirited rounds of saber-ratting by both sides, the city of Irwindale, California, has agreed to drop its public nuisance lawsuit against Huy Fong Foods, makers of the best sriracha of all, judging jobs and corporate tax dollars to be more important than, uh, not having to breathe pepper… »5/30/14 4:09pm5/30/14 4:09pm

Sriracha Declared A Public Nuisance; Civilization To Collapse

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, motherfuckers: It tolls for sriracha. In a unanimous, bourgeois-food-world-rocking vote Wednesday evening, the City Council of Irwindale, California declared the noxious hot-sauce fumes emitting from the town's Huy Fong Foods factory a [dun dun dun] public nuisance. »4/10/14 12:27pm4/10/14 12:27pm

Californians Fail To Appreciate Inescapable, Burning Sriracha Odor

Officials of the city of Irwindale—a California town presumably situated in the ominous shadow of a Huy Fong Foods factory that looms all flecked with lightning and emitting constant spooky organ music atop the local hill—have filed suit against the makers of the delicious sriracha chili sauce, for filling their… »10/29/13 2:00pm10/29/13 2:00pm

What To Eat With The Best Hot Sauce In The World: A Guide For People Who Aren't Anti-Sriracha Bores

You ever been to a hot-sauce specialty shop? These are dimly lit little retail closets, typically in beachside vacation towns and the like, where you stare at shelves upon shelves of little hot-sauce bottles and have a chuckle at the menacingly hyperbolic product names and label imagery used to indicate the extreme… »10/20/12 1:10pm10/20/12 1:10pm