Minor League Team To Give Away Tweeting Weiner Boxers On Saturday

Except the shorts the American Association's St. Paul Saints will give away are Tweeting Wiener Boxers, and not Tweeting Weiner Boxers, both because it's National Hot Dog Day and because the Saints would rather be cheeky than direct about former congressman Anthony Weiner. Although we know any New York minor league… »7/19/11 1:55pm7/19/11 1:55pm

Experience The Fun Of Minnesota's U.S. Senate Election Recount With The St. Paul Saints

Here's comedian and senatorial candidate Al Franken throwing out the first pitch at a St. Paul Saints game earlier this season »11/21/08 1:15pm11/21/08 1:15pm. It was a wise move on Mr. Franken's part, considering that the Saints' attendance that day was 12,450, and he's currently trailing in his U.S. Senate recount with Norm Coleman by only 136…