Three Guys At Bar Allegedly Stabbed By Two Guys Who Hate The Steelers

A "battle of the bands" at a suburban Pittsburgh bar became the scene of a triple stabbing at the hands of two dudes who allegedly don't care much for the city's sports teams, according to police. » 10/07/13 10:42am 10/07/13 10:42am

Old-Man Fight Features Broken Golf Club Used As A Sword

If you've spent a significant amount of time playing golf, you know how awful going through a round with a shitty playing partner can be. But no drunk, angry, or overly talkative golfing buddy will ever be as bad as one 59-year-old man from Detroit, Mich., who allegedly broke a club over his playing partner's head… » 6/07/13 2:01pm 6/07/13 2:01pm

Titans Wide Receiver Kenny Britt Wanted For Questioning In Connection…

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt dropped off his recently stabbed younger brother at a Jersey City hospital late on Saturday night, and has not spent his Sunday cooperating with the subsequent police investigation. The Jersey Journal reports: » 1/13/13 6:30pm 1/13/13 6:30pm

Several Fights Broke Out And A Man Was Stabbed During The First…

Orange Madness, the Syracuse version of the Midnight Madness events that take place all over the country on the first day of basketball practices, devolved into chaos around the periphery of the Carrier Dome last night. Syracuse security told reporters that multiple scuffles broke out around concession stands while… » 10/13/12 9:15am 10/13/12 9:15am

CFL Player Gets Stabbed After Attending KISS Concert (Updated)

Calgary Stampeders tight end Teyo Johnson got stabbed at a party Thursday night after he went to a KISS concert. Apparently, it has been learned that it was a DJ Tiesto concert - not KISS. Same difference, right? [TSN] » 11/14/09 2:10pm 11/14/09 2:10pm