Philly Fans Aren't The Only Ones Who Get Stabby

Lost and forlorn over Monday night's lost to the rival Vikings, one Packer fan took it upon himself to show one loudmouth he couldn't take the heckling anymore. So he stabbed him in the stomach. [StarTribune] » 10/08/09 1:45pm 10/08/09 1:45pm

Die, Shark. Die, Shark. Die, Shark.

Here's a pretty amazing story about one brave spear fisherman who went all Stabby McStabberson to keep a hungry tiger shark from eating his friend. » 3/12/09 1:15pm 3/12/09 1:15pm

Alston Polishing His Offseason Slash Moves

Remember when Rafer Alston was a feel good story, the streetball player nicknamed "Skip To My Lou" who transitioned his game to the NBA? Well, maybe not "feel good" — the guy did plead no contest in 1997 for assaulting his girlfriend — but certainly, it wasn't this bad, was it? » 8/29/07 1:05pm 8/29/07 1:05pm

Insert Your "Slicing Through The Line" Joke Here

You've probably seen this by now, but it's worth checking out again anyway. The new video game that features all the old NFL players does include O.J. Simpson — whom we always imagined being pretty awesome at Madden — and you can put him on a team called the Assassins. Which means, if you watch the whole video, you… » 7/24/07 12:35pm 7/24/07 12:35pm

The Nationwide Punter Menace Tredges On

Remember Mitch Cozad? He's the Northern Colorado backup punter who, last September, allegedly stabbed the starting punter to take his starting spot. It was more proof, once again, that you can never, ever trust a goddamned punter. » 7/05/07 11:40am 7/05/07 11:40am