Las Vegas Is The Next City The Raiders Will Use For Leverage To Try And Get A New Stadium

For two decades Los Angeles has served as the NFL’s bogeyman, lurking just out of sight as an implicit threat to any city that refused to pay up for a new or renovated stadium. You better flash the cash, the NFL would threaten, or the Bills/Dolphins/Jaguars/Vikings/Colts are going to bolt for glamorous Los Angeles.

Proposed Rams Stadium Would Cost Taxpayers A Hell Of A Lot More Than Promised

It’s a truly bizarre situation in St. Louis, with Rams owner Stan Kroenke desperate to leave for Los Angeles, and (some) local politicians desperate to build him a stadium to get him to stay. Problem is, according to documents FOIA’d by St. Louis Magazine, taxpayers would be on the hook for a lot more money than those…

San Diego Offers $350 Million In Public Money For A New Chargers Stadium, NFL Wants More

You don’t even have to be particularly cynical to believe the NFL doesn’t actually want a team in Los Angeles—it just loves having the helpful L.A. bogeyman around to blackmail cities into throwing taxpayers’ millions at owners to get them to stay. St. Louis has done its part, waving $400 million in public funds…