FAU Students Stage Sit-In To Protest Stadium Deal With For-Profit Prison Operator

Some members of the Florida Atlantic University student body are not very happy about the fact that their school has agreed to sell the naming rights to its on-campus stadium to GEO Group, a slimy corporation that operates detention centers and for-profit prisons across the globe. On Monday, a group of FAU students… »2/26/13 5:25pm2/26/13 5:25pm

Florida Atlantic Football Joins The Prison-Industrial Complex

Florida Atlantic has been playing in its new on-campus stadium for two years, but has had a devil of a time selling the naming rights. No more, as the Owls plan to announce later today they've finalized a deal with The Geo Group, one of the world's largest operators of detention centers and for-profit prisons. »2/19/13 9:30am2/19/13 9:30am