Yes, Theo Epstein's Accused Stalker Wore A Red Sox Shirt To Her Mental Competency Hearing

The Harvard-educated crazy lady who showed up in Chicago last week on Cubs GM Theo Epstein's doorstep can't sue us for calling her "crazy lady," it turns out. Kathleen Kearney was named a ward of the state of Massachusetts nine years ago because of mental illness, and she was released on bond in Illinois under the… »7/25/12 11:15am7/25/12 11:15am


NBC Stalks Tiger Woods's Car With A Blimp; ESPN Asks If Peyton Manning Was Riding Shotgun

Tiger Woods dropped out of today's final round at the Cadillac Championship, citing leg trouble before he drove away. In an apparent attempt to ascertain the degree of injury based on his driving, the Peacock Net tasked its blimp with chasing Tiger's car as it escaped Doral. It's unclear what's being said as NBC… »3/11/12 5:25pm3/11/12 5:25pm

Kentucky Football Player Charged with Stalking, Poor Use of Movie Quotes

Junior strong safety Ashton Cobb was not in the line up on Saturday for Kentucky's game against rival Western Kentucky. It wasn't your typical football injury that kept Cobb off the field but rather an arrest and subsequent suspension from the university. Cobb has been charged with "second-degree stalking,… »9/28/08 5:00pm9/28/08 5:00pm