Stan Van Gundy Shows Us How Much It Hurts To Coach Josh Smith

One of the many problems Stan Van Gundy faced when he took over the Detroit Pistons was Josh Smith's dreadful three-point shooting. He shot 265 threes last season and only hit 26 percent of them, but Stan Van has managed to put the straps on him a bit this year. Smith's shot just 30 threes so far (he's hit only eight… »12/08/14 12:16pm12/08/14 12:16pm

Did The NBA Block Stan Van Gundy From Going To ESPN? Jeff Van Gundy Thinks So

Recently, former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy called David Stern a dick, among other things. Van Gundy disparaging Stern isn't a rare occurrence, as the two have a less-than-amicable relationship. But did Stern take revenge by influencing ESPN into rescinding their job offer to Van Gundy? Jeff Van Gundy, Stan's brother… »10/22/12 12:50pm10/22/12 12:50pm

I Had Nothing To Do With Stan Van Gundy Getting Fired, Says Guy Who Had Something To Do With Stan Van Gundy Getting Fired

Jeff Van Gundy was recently interviewed by Stephen A. Smith and the world did not, in fact, go collectively deaf. What's more, we learned that Jeff Van Gundy thinks the Magic and Dwight Howard are full of shit with regard to his brother's employment status. He saved his most pointed comments for Alex Martins, however. »5/26/12 4:00pm5/26/12 4:00pm

Stan Van Gundy Fired, Dwight Howard Tents Fingers And Cackles

Dwight Howard, the NBA's first player-coach-GM-CFO, may be limping around Beverly Hills. But that doesn't mean that he's not still doin' work: today the Magic announced that Stan Van Gundy has been fired, and President of Basketball Operations Otis Smith is peaceing out as well. That brings Dwight's front office body… »5/21/12 4:10pm5/21/12 4:10pm

Report: Dwight Howard Called Magic Owner During A Game To Tell Him He Won't Play For Stan Van Gundy

WKMG in Orlando is reporting that Dwight Howard called up owner Rich DeVos during Friday's game against the Hawks, and told him he won't play as long as Stan Van Gundy is coaching. Howard has already missed six games with a back injury, and Van Gundy has said he's prepared to finish the season and the playoffs without… »4/19/12 2:00pm4/19/12 2:00pm

Dwight Howard Out With A Herniated Disc, Now Has More Time To Fire Stan Van Gundy

Dwight Howard has been busy this year. In addition to playing basketball, he spent much of the season wrestling with the dilemma over to whom the fatally dysfunctional Orlando Magic should trade him. Howard then reversed course and decided to stay, put on his GM suit and asked the front office to trade for some… »4/14/12 1:52pm4/14/12 1:52pm

Someone Should Just Blow Up The Orlando Magic At This Point

In the ongoing Dwight Howard-Stan Van Gundy bitchfest, there is only one true solution: just get rid of everyone. Trade Howard. Fire Van Gundy and general manager Otis Smith. Then sell the team. Until then Orlando will have a superstar who does not want to be there being coached by a coach who does not want to be… »4/08/12 3:00pm4/08/12 3:00pm

Stan Van Gundy Sets Up Dwight Howard For The Most Awkward Interview Ever

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Stan Van Gundy has heard, from "people in our management right from the top," that Dwight Howard has requested that he be fired. The video above picks up Van Gundy's comments just as he utters them. At the 2:50 mark, Van Gundy is approached by Howard, who is not aware of what Van… »4/05/12 2:30pm4/05/12 2:30pm