Kansas State Gets Blown Out By Baylor And Oregon Falls To Stanford At Home As The Top Two BCS Teams Get Their First Losses On The Same Night

A week from college football's end-of-season reckoning and Kansas State and Oregon, ranked first and second respectively in the BCS standings going into today's games, have taken their first losses of the season. The defeats likely pave the way for a new BCS leader in (gulp) Notre Dame, a 38-0 winner today against… »11/18/12 12:30am11/18/12 12:30am


Your College Football Open Thread, For Talking About Basically Anything But College Football

Is this the worst week of college football in the entire season? Emphatically yes, it is the worst. During football's penultimate week, many ranked teams are playing FCS opponents from around the neighborhood—South Carolina plays Wofford, Texas A&M plays Sam Houston State, Georgia won't even go beyond its own state… »11/17/12 11:45am11/17/12 11:45am