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The Kings Celebrate Stanley Cup Win Next To Devastated Henrik Lundqvist

The immediate aftermath of Alec Martinez's game-winning, double-overtime goal for the Stanley Cup on Friday night was a flash. Net, referee signals goal, and a Los Angeles mob around Martinez. It was great fun for the Kings, and absolute misery for the Rangers. Just look at all of these pictures of sad Henrik… » 6/14/14 10:28am 6/14/14 10:28am

Canada First: Why I Root For Teams I Hate

It's happening again. As Carey Price lay on the blue ice of his crease on Saturday afternoon, before he skated in a tentative circle, testing his weight on his knee, a familiar dread settled into the hearts of hockey fans across Canada. By Monday, Habs coach Michel Therrien had confirmed our worst fears: Price was out… » 5/22/14 4:40pm 5/22/14 4:40pm

Every Stanley Cup Presentation Since 1949

Via Kukla's Korner, this wonderful video shows a few seconds of each Stanley Cup ceremony dating back to the '49 Maple Leafs. Some old-timey differences are disconcerting (the top half of the trophy used to come off!), but on the whole, it's a reassuring reminder that the ultimate goal hasn't changed for 88 years. » 4/24/14 11:04am 4/24/14 11:04am

The NHL's New Playoff Format, As Explained By Highly Paid Consultants

The NHL rolled out a new playoff format this season, which some have found a bit confusing. To assist, an employee at Accenture—the world's largest consulting company—has passed along a presentation he made for his boss to explain the changes. This is a great pro bono service: Had you personally asked Accenture to… » 4/18/14 1:34pm 4/18/14 1:34pm