Here's Every Stanley Cup Finals Goal As It Sounded In The Arena

It's no secret we're fans of Mike Emrick here. (Well, most of us.) But we're giving "Doc" the day off here, in order to show you what it was like to be a spectator in United Center or TD Garden for each goal scored in this year's Stanley Cup Finals. » 6/25/13 3:55pm 6/25/13 3:55pm

A Win Is A Win, But The Blackhawks Have Been Fortunate.

Three out of the four Stanley Cup Finals games have been decided in overtime. The other one was decided by two goals. The Bruins and Blackhawks both have loads of talent, but good fortune's also played a part. » 6/22/13 5:55pm 6/22/13 5:55pm

Tuukka Rask Shuts Out Chicago Despite "Shitty" Ice; Bruins Lead 2-1

Game 3 actually ended in regulation, a nice change of pace from the first two games, but not before a short scuffle with about 11 seconds left. It looked like it was going to get really ugly for a second, but the refs quickly got control of the action and the game ended without (much) incident. Unless you count Tuukka … » 6/17/13 11:21pm 6/17/13 11:21pm

Chicago Tribune Takes Back Its Post-Bombing Tribute To Boston

Remember the morning after the Boston Marathon bombings, when the Chicago Tribune dedicated the front page of its sports section to the city of Boston and its sports teams? That was a very sweet thing for the Tribune to do! But now, with the Bruins and Blackhawks facing each other in the Stanley Cup finals, the Chicago … » 6/14/13 10:25am 6/14/13 10:25am

Jaromir Jagr's Playoff Beard Is Way Too Much

There are some things Jaromir Jagr is unmistakably great at. Playing hockey, for instance—which Jagr does especially well, even now, at the age of 41. When he puts his hips out and leans forward, with his body between the defender and the puck, no one can dream of filching possession. He may have been the greatest… » 6/11/13 5:45pm 6/11/13 5:45pm

Pucks, Lies, And Videotape: Where Is The Kings' Stanley-Cup-Winning…

The last puck of the Stanley Cup Finals: an important relic, timeless for the player who gets to keep it as a souvenir of the greatest achievement of his profession life, yet strangely secondary. In the rush to celebrate the final horn, not a single member of the Kings gave a thought to that little rubber disc. Not… » 6/29/12 11:05am 6/29/12 11:05am

The Devils Had A Grand Old Time At The Clubs After Their Game 6 Loss

Here we go again. Time to have that age-old debate over whether it's acceptable for athletes to have fun and go out partying after losing a championship. It seems like we just had this argument four months ago, but the answer remains the same: Yes, it is always acceptable. » 6/13/12 10:25am 6/13/12 10:25am

L.A. Kings Win Stanley Cup; "Mavs Win!" Proclaims NBC Sports

The L.A. Kings are the best team in the NHL, but those poor souls just can't catch a break when it comes to people actually knowing who the hell they are. First there was the case of the mistaken logo, an abysmal highlight package, and then a misidentification of the team's mascot. » 6/12/12 12:35pm 6/12/12 12:35pm

L.A. Kings PR Staff Plans To Withhold Stats From The Devils,…

It's the responsibility of the home team's PR staff to compile statistics after each period, then rush print-outs down to both teams' locker rooms. It's not vital information, but it's nice for a coach to be able to quantify things like ice time and shots taken. During Saturday's game 5 in Newark, Devils PR was… » 6/11/12 5:31pm 6/11/12 5:31pm

Tonight No One Will Remember Hockey, Not Just Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Kings have had a pretty strange post season. They have completely dominated their opponents throughout each round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and endeared themselves to an increasingly Twitterized public all the while California has no idea who they are. The Devils meanwhile, are having a perfectly » 6/09/12 5:54pm 6/09/12 5:54pm

Why Is No One Watching The Stanley Cup Finals?

It's not news that Stanley Cup Finals ratings are utterly abysmal, but here we are talking about them again because it's another year and the NHL has decided to hold another annual round of playoffs. Hooray for us, because the hockey has been really great! But not so good for NBC, which saw Games 1 and 2, broadcast on… » 6/05/12 10:50pm 6/05/12 10:50pm

How The Kings Toughened Up And Conquered The NHL

There are two central oddities in the New Jersey Devils-Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup final, which the Kings lead 2-0 after two overtime wins. One is that the Kings were an eight seed with a meager plus-15 goal differential during the regular season, an eight seed that went 5-2-3 in its last 10 games. Based on where… » 6/04/12 10:20am 6/04/12 10:20am

Don Cherry Picks The Kings To Win The Cup Because They Have Fewer…

Last year, an academic study tapped Don Cherry as the new face of Canadian Nationalism. The world recoiled in horror, not least of all Canadians themselves. (I know. I asked them all.) But Grapes's geographical jingoism is something you kind of have to tune out, because at least it doesn't affect his hockey analysis.… » 5/31/12 10:45am 5/31/12 10:45am