Will Ferrell Was An Usher At Last Night's Lakers Game, Wore A "Ted Vagina" Name Tag

Yep, that's Will Ferrell, decked out in the official uniform of a Staples Center usher, scanning the crowd and keeping the peace during last night's Suns-Lakers game. As is usually the case, we have no idea why Will Ferrell was doing this, or why he was wearing a name tag that read, "Ted Vagina." No, really, that's… »2/13/13 9:55am2/13/13 9:55am

After Whining About It, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Will Get A Statue At The Staples Center

Last year, the Lakers unveiled a life-sized bronze statue of Jerry West outside the Staples Center, joining other L.A. sports luminaries Magic Johnson, Chick Hearn, Wayne Gretzky, and Oscar De La Hoya. But one Lakers legend was nonplussed. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar asked the Sporting News, as politely as he could, where's »8/27/12 6:35pm8/27/12 6:35pm