Here's What We Can Piece Together About the Plot of Star Trek Beyond From the Trailer

The Star Trek Beyond trailer is full of beam-outs, fight scenes and explosions. But what does it mean? We went through it frame by frame, trying to figure out just what kind of mess Kirk and the rest of the Enterprise crew have gotten themselves into. Here’s our detailed gif-and-screencap breakdown!

The 5 Best And 5 Worst "I Wanted to Get Caught" Villain Schemes

Villains sure do like to be captured on purpose, don't they? We've seen it again and again as a trope, but it's not always a bad thing. Sometimes, it does show just how brilliant our bad guy is. And sometimes, it shows just how stupid our heroes are. Here are the best — and worst — times a villain got sent to the…

The Ultimate Motherlode of DVD Box Sets for the Holidays

All your friends have Netflix. We can all access a wealth of movies any time we want. But DVD box sets can still make fantastic gifts, if they're cool-looking enough, and contain stuff your loved ones will watch over and over. Here are the most beautiful (and cheapest) DVD box sets to give to your friends and family.