Former World Chess Champion Gives His Take On eSports In 15 Tweets

Russian chess grandmaster and former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov is in Seoul to participate in a local sports fair. And since South Korea is the capital of eSports, it was inevitable for him to weigh in on League of Legends and StarCraft, which are essentially the number one rivals of chess. »12/27/13 11:17am12/27/13 11:17am

Gordon Hayward Is Just Playing StarCraft All Summer

Without organized workouts, NBA players have to be creative to stay in shape this offseason. Some guys are touring China. Others are playing rec league ball. Still others are just going to their local gym every day, shooting jumpers and practicing their crossovers until the sun goes down. Then there's Utah's Gordon… »9/08/11 12:45pm9/08/11 12:45pm