​Relax, the United States Will Not Dismantle Our Perpetual War Machine

The front page of today's New York Times has astonishing news for a nation accustomed to life on an eternal war footing: Defense secretary Chuck Hagel has proposed shrinking the United States military to a size, as the subheadline puts it, "Equal to That of 1940." Online, where the subheads are more expansive, the… »2/24/14 5:59pm2/24/14 5:59pm

Do Colder NFL Games Have Fewer Penalties?

While watching some insanely frigid football last weekend, one Deadspinner wondered if there were fewer flags in cold NFL games, the result of referees deciding, consciously or not, to speed games up and get the hell off the field. Without scrutinizing hundreds of hours of game tape we can't really tell if the refs or… »1/11/14 11:35am1/11/14 11:35am

Brandon Marshall Is Better Than Drew Brees, And Other Fantasy Truths

Fantasy football may not have all the blood and sweat and violence and trauma of the game as it's played on the field, but there's at least one way in which it's just like the real thing: as John Madden put it, "usually the team that scores the most points wins." How you get those points may be very different—as… »9/03/13 4:33pm9/03/13 4:33pm

What The Hell Is Going On With The Grizzlies' Coaching Situation?

Lost though it may have been in the relentless beatdown the Spurs delivered last week, the Memphis Grizzlies had a great season, another tremendous step forward. Under head coach Lionel Hollins, the Grizzlies' winning percentage has increased every year: from .293 in 2008-09 (he coached the last half of the season),… »6/03/13 4:45pm6/03/13 4:45pm

Even If Icing The Kicker Doesn't Work, It's Better Than Never Icing The Kicker

Mike Tomlin iced the kicker twice last night, but with an unfortunate twist: First, he called a timeout on his own kicker, Shaun Suisham, who proceeded to miss a 54-yarder. Then he stopped the Titans' Rob Bironas just as he was about to attempt the game-winning 40-yarder. Bironas waited two minutes and nailed the… »10/12/12 4:05pm10/12/12 4:05pm

Denard Robinson Had More Offense Than Michigan's Offense Today

Some stock car named Denard Robinson suited up for Michigan today and accomplished more offense than the entire Michigan offense. This sounds impossible but it is not. Like the American financial system, college football's statistics attribute success to individual performance while collectivizing the losses.… »9/08/12 9:40pm9/08/12 9:40pm

L.A. Kings PR Staff Plans To Withhold Stats From The Devils, Accidentally Tells Every Reporter About It

It's the responsibility of the home team's PR staff to compile statistics after each period, then rush print-outs down to both teams' locker rooms. It's not vital information, but it's nice for a coach to be able to quantify things like ice time and shots taken. During Saturday's game 5 in Newark, Devils PR was… »6/11/12 5:31pm6/11/12 5:31pm

Sex Offenders And NHL Success: An Astonishingly Accurate New Metric

I'm not big on advanced stats in hockey. It's not because I don't think they're valuable, but because it's tough to translate the concepts to what I'm seeing on the ice. It's my own ignorance, yes, but for a new generation of hockey metrics to take hold, they'll have to be more relatable to the average fan. Like this… »3/15/12 11:35am3/15/12 11:35am