BYU Runner's Epic Steeplechase Fail Is Even Funnier In A Frame-By-Frame Photo Gallery

BYU senior Katy Andrews did us all a favor when she humbly uploaded that hilarious video of her grand crash into the water jump during a weekend steeplechase event. And now that the Salt Lake Tribune has broken the entire episode down in HD, image by image, it's obvious that, just after it happened, Andrews might have… »5/03/12 4:35pm5/03/12 4:35pm


Running Into A Steeplechase Barrier Looks Just As Funny As You Might Imagine

Let's give BYU senior Katy Andrews some credit here. She's the one who uploaded this video of herself failing to negotiate the water jump during the 3,000-meter steeplechase at Saturday's Robison Invitational. "I think I caught the toe of my spike a couple steps before the barrier," Andrews writes on the video's… »5/01/12 12:20pm5/01/12 12:20pm