Watch Riley Whip: The Year in Curry Family Memes

It started the way so many things on the Internet do: with a Drake song. In 2014, his loosie “0-100” boasted his rap prowess as, “I been Steph Curry with the shot / Been cookin’ with the sauce / Chef Curry with the pot, boy.” For the uninitiated, Steph Curry is the point guard of the Golden State Warriors, who honored…

Warriors Top Grizz, 119 To—Wait, I'm Pretty Sure This Is A Video Game Score

There’s been a terrible mistake. The AP, ESPN, even the NBA itself—they’re all recording the final score of last night’s Warriors-Grizzlies game as a 119-69 win for the Warriors, but clearly that is the score of some kid’s video game. I mean, ha ha, 119-69, get the fuck outta here, who would even believe that shit.

Ayesha Curry On Parenting A Viral Sports Baby: Let Her Live 

Riley Curry, who remains the top sports baby in the game, has now stolen the show at multiple NBA postgame press conferences, up on the podium addressing her fans and upstaging her MVP father, Steph, much to the chagrin of some dumb idiot heartless man-babies and the delight of other (i.e., normal and reasonable)…