Stephen A. Smith Delivers Movie-Villain Monologue On First Take

Stephen A. Smith, ESPN’s professional unintelligible empanada truck, tried to drop exclusive information about Kevin Durant’s free agency last week. Durant scoffed, saying that he, his family, and his friends don’t talk to Smith. Smith had a rebuttal to that rebuttal, touting his supposed insider sources and ending… »10/05/15 1:26pm10/05/15 1:26pm


Report: Jon Gruden Is ESPN's Highest Paid On-Air Personality

James Andrew Miller, author of ESPN history Those Guys Have All The Fun, is a repository for ESPN contract information. From time to time he comes down from the mountain to share data that satisfies our most vulgar desire: to know how much money people on TV make. Last night he revealed that Jon Gruden is ESPN’s… »9/29/15 11:31am9/29/15 11:31am

Stephen A. Smith Blames WWC Goal On "Not Wanting To Mess Up Their Hair"

It’s tiresome to monitor ESPN blowhard and domestic violence apologist Stephen A. Smith’s daily acts of polluting the Worldwide Leader’s airwaves with his Cro-Magnon attitudes, but here we are. While inexplicably serving on SportsCenter duty last night, SAS cracked wise on Norway’s gorgeous free kick goal yesterday by… »6/12/15 12:15pm6/12/15 12:15pm

Awful Announcing reports (via SportsGrid) on a disturbing First Take segment from earlier this month

Awful Announcing reports (via SportsGrid) on a disturbing First Take segment from earlier this month that escaped our notice, where Stephen A. Smith doubles down on his baseless defense of Floyd Mayweather, and belittles the female host of First Take, Cari Champion, in the process. »4/25/15 5:14pm4/25/15 5:14pm

Why Is ESPN Serving As Floyd Mayweather's PR Mouthpiece?

For the past several days, ESPN’s been sprinkling bits of an exclusive Floyd Mayweather interview into its SportsCenter broadcasts as the run to next week’s highly-anticipated bout against Manny Pacquiao heats up. But you won’t hear Stephen A. Smith ask “Money” about his long history of beating women; no, you’ll see… »4/23/15 12:00pm4/23/15 12:00pm

Stephen A. Smith Floats The Theory That Maybe Chip Kelly Is A Racist

Listen. First Take is a trashy, cynical show that exists so that Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, two of the widest talking sphincters in sports punditry, can take turns spouting fake and bad shit to the masses. Most of the time, it's so disingenuous that it's depressing, but sometimes, one of these two fellas comes… »3/09/15 12:45pm3/09/15 12:45pm