Stephen A. Smith Gossip: James Dolan Wanted To Trade Iman Shumpert

You're looking at a very unique piece of video, dug up by Azaz of the Knicks FanBlog. It's from the taping of Stephen A. Smith's ESPN interview with Dwight Howard this weekend, but for whatever reason, one Youtube user was able to tune in to the satellite feed and record the taping. It's basically Smith and Howard… » 7/17/13 11:17am 7/17/13 11:17am

Bill Simmons Is Pissed That SportsCenter Edited Out This Joke [UPDATE]

Up above, Bill Simmons and the rest of the NBA Countdown crew discuss how Dwyane Wade transmogrified himself last night into an All-Star once again. Magic Johnson wonders if he could do it again for Game 5, and Michael Wilbon says he'll benefit from getting two off days. » 6/14/13 10:48am 6/14/13 10:48am

Stephen A. Smith Thinks Hockey Has Ties, Is Not As Dumb As People Who…

After weeks of increasing criticism of ESPN's less-than-comprehensive hockey coverage, the NHL finally made SportsCenter. After a 19-0-3 start, a record, the Chicago Blackhawks have finally become a "sports" thing instead of a hockey thing. But be careful what you wish for: on this morning's SportsCenter, the Blackhawks … » 3/04/13 2:05pm 3/04/13 2:05pm

Rob Parker: First Take Producers Knew What I Was Going To Talk About

Rob Parker's suspension for asking if Robert Griffin III was a "brother or a cornball brother" ends in a week or so and 1.) he really doesn't seem that sorry about what happened and 2.) he says First Take producers knew what he had to say. » 1/07/13 12:18pm 1/07/13 12:18pm

ESPN Suspends Rob Parker For A Month

After taking a week to think about it, ESPN has hit Rob Parker with a 30-day suspension for his "brother or cornball brother?" comments. Also, ESPN is promising "enhanced editorial oversight" over the show, which means ... well, I'm not sure what. In a statement, Marcia Keegan, vice president of production who oversees » 12/20/12 4:47pm 12/20/12 4:47pm

How ESPN Ditched Journalism And Followed Skip Bayless To The Bottom: A …

In October, Doug Gottlieb, a radio host and basketball analyst who'd decamped for CBS the previous month after nine years with ESPN, went on The Dan Patrick Show and dropped something of a truth bomb about his time in Bristol: » 11/12/12 3:32pm 11/12/12 3:32pm

Stephen A. Smith Says "Nigga, Please" On ESPN2, And Everyone Gets Stupid …

On Thursday morning's First Take, Stephen A. Smith expressed his disbelief that Kobe Bryant would miss time with an injury by saying "nigga, please." This was not a thing he should have said on TV, yet he did. It was barely noticeable, but at least one person noticed, uploaded the video, and certain folks began… » 10/26/12 12:35pm 10/26/12 12:35pm

This Week's Signs Of The Apocalypse

For nearly two decades, Sports Illustrated has stirred the tea leaves to discern a weekly Sign of the Apocalypse. Deadspin salutes the magazine's ongoing effort to cover the end of times but declines to cede the scoop on the biggest event in world history. » 10/20/12 3:00pm 10/20/12 3:00pm

Stephen A. Smith Thought An Article About Him In The Onion Was Real

Earlier today, The Onion posted a rather harmless, totally fictional article entitled, "Stephen A. Smith Thinking Son Is Finally Ready For The Sex Argument." This wouldn't normally be news; but when Stephen A. Smith finds it, thinks it is a real article, and yells about it on Twitter? Yes, then it is news. » 9/17/12 5:53pm 9/17/12 5:53pm

Stephen A. Smith Is Recording Sleepy Video Messages To Skip Bayless…

This is presumably in reference to something Stephen A. Smith predicted during First Take today, regarding the Packers defeating the Bears on Thursday Night Football. I hope so, because this video message, when considered in any other context, is honest-to-God nightmare fuel. See you in the morning, Skip! » 9/14/12 12:20am 9/14/12 12:20am