Andrew Bogut Doesn't Even Stick Around To See If Stephen Curry Makes Three-Pointers Anymore

Stephen Curry hits three-pointers with such accuracy that we’ve come to create our own, extra-deep three-point line for him. He’s also created a level of confidence within his teammates that they’re now heading back to play defense even before he releases the shot, as demonstrated tonight by Andrew Bogut against the…

Update: Every Steph Curry Three-Pointer From 28+ Feet This Season

Stephen Curry’s overtime-winning rainbow Saturday night just added to the league MVP’s legend as one of the greatest long-range shooters the game has ever seen. Not only did it break his own records for consecutive games with a three-pointer and threes in a season, it tied the NBA record for three-pointers in a game.…

Here's Stephen Curry's Miracle Game-Winner As Called In Spanish And In Russian

Stephen Curry’s multiple-record-breaking series of three pointers tonight against the Thunder sent the Warriors out of Oklahoma City with a win they had absolutely no business taking. None of the threes were more mindblowing, of course, than the last-second-of-overtime long-range bomb that earned the win. That call,…


Here's A Video Of 35 Times Stephen Curry Hit A Shot From 28+ Feet This Season

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is en route to demolishing his own NBA single-season three-pointer record, and if the quantity weren’t astonishing enough consider this: at least 35 of the 276 threes Curry has hit this season have been from 28 feet or further, more than four feet behind the three-point line: